Are you a school, church, para-ministry or non-profit that serves individuals who a need supplemental food source, in addition to the service that you provide. If so, the Tree of Life Food Bank's (TOL) Partner Agency (PA) program is here to support. you. Through a partnership with TOL you will be able to provide your members with the nourishment they need while leaving complicated matters of food storage and logistics to us. Below you will find the quick process needed to become a TOL Partner Agency. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to your partnership.   

1. Attend One on One Meeting

During this one-hour meeting held with the Tree of Life Food Bank (TOL) Managing Director you will learn about:

TOL’s requirements for becoming a PA
TOL’s expectations of PAs
Overall services and programs provided by FSF

2.Submit Complete Application Packet

Applications will only be accepted from agencies who have attended orientation and must be completed within two weeks of attending orientation. The following needs to be gathered and submitted as one packet:

Partner Agency Application

Organization overview

Copy of 501(c )(3) from the IRS or Non-Profit Bylaws
Pest Control documentation (receipts or contract)
Food Handler’s Certificate

3. Pre-Approval Site Visit

These visits are conducted by appointment only. During this visit, we do the following:

Inspection of facility including storage, cleanliness, outside areas, etc.

Meet with points of contact
Recommendations for storage and distribution if applicable

4. Approval of Partnership

At this time, you will receive the following:

Notification letter with Agency ID Number

Branded forms for beneficiaries

Branded marketing material

5. Ongoing Requirements

Throughout the duration of partnership, requirements include:

Arranging for new staff and volunteers to complete agency training
Accommodating mandatory quarterly site visit and follow up visits if necessary
Compliance with all required paperwork and documentation