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Message from our Chairman
"Food banks provide food to people who would otherwise go hungry. The Tree of Life Food Bank was established by The Lions Den Missions Center to serve as a leader in providing food to residents across the State of Florida and neighboring territories. In order to sustain the ever-growing need, the Tree of Life Food Bank draws from a variety of sources made up of faith based organizations, food distributors, grocery chains, restaurants and loving individuals who have a heart to help others. Whether you need support or wish to provide support we are here to be your bridge.  "

- J. Jackson, Chairman
Tree of Life Food Bank

Volunteer Registration Form

The Tree of Life Food Bank is supported by volunteers who freely give of their time for the betterment of society and individuals in need. We always have room for those interested in providing monthly food donations, assisting with packing and inventory, picking up goods or even greeting our recipients with a smile. Consider stopping by our center to see how you can help or complete our volunteer registration form below so that we can contact you.

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