All donations to Tree of Life Food Bank are appreciated. The Tree of Life Food Bank will only provide refunds on financial donations under the following circumstances: 

1.) If the donor submitted multiple donations when the intention was a single donation. 

2.) If the donor has made an error in the amount in which they wish to donate. 

All refund requests must be made within 5 business days by contacting us by phone at (954) 376-3128 or by Email 


The Tree of Life Food Bank ha made all reasonable efforts to protect our constituents' information with appropriate physical and electronic procedures to prevent unauthorized access, both online and offline. In all cases, the Tree of Life Food Bank volunteers who have access to personal information are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to protect this information in a manner consistent with this privacy policy. 

Updating Personal Information

​If your personal information changes (address, phone number, etc.) or if you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please send and Email to 

The Tree of Life Food Bank is strategically partnered with The Lion's Den Missions Base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as with other public service organizations to provide educational opportunities, counseling and the emotional support needed to encourage food beneficiaries towards self-sustainability. Additionally, food recipients are strongly encouraged to provide monthly volunteer services to others in need at the food bank.

Invest in Us as We Invest in


Corporate Sponsors

Donor Privacy

​In maintaining the highest integrity, the Tree of Life Food Bank collects certain personal information about donors, volunteers and event participants. We will not sell, share or rent this information to others. The Tree of Life Food Bank is the sole owner of any information collected. 

Website Privacy

The Tree of Life Food Bank uses an external financial corporation to process our online donations. This company does not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing us with these services. 

Intended Use of Information

Personal information collected is used to fulfill donations, to arrange volunteering opportunities and to provide details of past or upcoming events, programs and projects. 


If you do not wish to grant the Tree of Life Food Bank the right to use your personal information as described, please send an Email to: or call us at (954) 376-3128. Upon receipt of your request to opt-out, we will remove your information from any future communications and all other uses set forth in the above section. 


The Tree of Life Food Bank is just as committed to protecting your personal information, as we are committed to being the bridge our communities depend on when in need. 

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Sponsors and Donors

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Individual Donors

Invest  In Us

The Tree of Life Food Bank is indebted to our community partners who donate or help us purchase food, sponsor our events and help underwrite the cost of food bank operations. Individual donations, followed by corporate sponsorship represent 100% of the  funds that support the food bank.


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More Than Just Food...

We Provide Solutions

The Tree of Life Food Bank posts quarterly budget reports to its donors so you can be confident that your financial donations are directed towards its intended purpose.

No amount is too big or too small. Whether you're considering being a one-time, monthly or annual supporter we appreciate your support. Click the "Donate" tab below  to invest in this great cause.  From The Tree of Life Food Bank and those that we support, Thank You.

The Tree of Life Food Bank is primarily financially supported by average individuals who invest for the betterment of society. Your financial donations help our charity by giving us the resources that we need to tangibly impact others. Consider stopping by our center to witness the causes your donation supports.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The Tree of Life Food Bank reserve the right at any time and without notice to change these policies simply by posting such changes on our website. Any such change will be effective immediately upon posting.