Thousands of our country's senior citizens must choose between paying for housing, medication or food. This is a decision that no one should have to make. We are here to serve you.

Throughout the U.S. there are many working families who labor tirelessly yet still struggle to put food on the table. With little, to no government support they need us now more than ever. We are here to serve you.

Every Sunday at 10am

For emergency packages

Every Friday at 7:30pm

For emergency packages

Our Missions and Purpose

Many of those who have served now need to be served. Veterans are finding difficulty in attaining the jobs and services they need to succeed. We have not forgotten our veterans. We are here to serve you.


Food Bank Hours

Working Families

Older Adults

Every Last Saturday

Family support packages

The Tree of Life Food Bank's (TOL) mission is to end hunger throughout Florida and the Caribbean by providing access to food, leading disparity advocacy efforts and impacting communities through innovative programming and education. TOL also serves as a distribution partner to other agencies during disaster relief efforts in the Southeastern U.S. (NC, SC, GA, AL, LA and FL). Click the button below to learn how TOL provides resources to those who deliver resources.


J. Jackson,