2019 Southeastern U.S. Hurricane Relief Fund

3 County, Florida Panhandle Distribution of Over 7 Tons October 16,2018

The Tree of Life Food Bank is 100% volunteer supported meaning 100% of your investment is used to acquire and deliver food and goods. 

TOL is indebted to our community partners who help underwrite the cost of food bank operations. Individual donations and corporate sponsorship represent 100% of the  funds that support the food bank. Learn more about some of our great partners below. Our partners below prove their commitment not simply to receive, but give.   

Community Backers $10,000USD and above

Community Leaders up to $5,000USD

Community Partners: up to $1,500USD

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Immokolee, Florida 9/2017 serving over 1500 people in 5 hours.

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2018 Southeastern U.S. Hurricane Relief Fund Corporate Sponsors

Managed by the Tree of Life Food Bank (TOL), the 2019 Southeastern Hurricane Relief Fund was established to support damaged communities and budget for pending catastrophes which could occur throughout the SE U.S. before year-end. All funds raised will be deployed to hurricane devastated areas affected prior to close of the 2019 calendar year. Donations to the United Nations Chaplains Association, The Lion's Den Missions Base and affiliated organizations are processed by TOL through this page.

Warehousing in Ponce, Puerto Rico established by UNCA 10/17

Community Backer: Industrial Commercial Specialists

Fort Lauderdale Florida


Community Partner: Green Earth Supply 

Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.greenearthsupply.net)

Manati, Puerto Rico Bulk Distribution for Over 10,000 September 30,2017

Community Partner: ​Advanced Roofing 

Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.advancedroofing.com)

Community Backer: IBS Investment Bank 

Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.ibsinvestmentbank.com)


As evidenced by Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence,  2018 Season saw its fair share of severe weather, delivering 15 storms and eight hurricanes.  On the morning of September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian intensified to a Category 5 Hurricane as it hovered over the Bahamian islands, embarking on a direct path to Florida’s eastern coastline.. In response to the Governor's of FL, SC and NC declared a state of emergency throughout vulnerable counties in their respective State’s.

After deploying over 7 tons of food and supplies to Florida's Gulf, Liberty and Gasden counties in 2018, the Tree of Life Food Bank is once again leveraging its partnership with the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) to provide targeted support for the duration of the 2019 Hurricane Season.  

The UNCA  through its network of emergency management agencies, local and federal officials, along with over 2000 faith-based centers, will provide real-time data to the Tree of Life Food Bank ensuring donations reach those who need it the most. All TOL goods and resources sourced through the 2018 Southeastern U.S. Hurricane Relief Fund will be delivered directly into the hands of those impacted by natural disasters during the 2018 calendar year.  To learn more about the UNCA's Hurricane Florence Initiative visit: www.UNCPA.us

Indirect Donations
Rather than investing directly, many partners consider providing arrangements for goods and services for use by TOL. Due to the logistical hurdles of providing support over broad areas, TOL is seeking logistics support through the following means:

Chartered Flights: TOL is seeking partners who will provide cargo and passenger aircraft for use or are willing to provide financing directly to carriers on behalf of TOL.

Distribution Sites: TOL is aggressively securing warehouse space throughout Southeastern U.S.  to serve impacted communities.  Partners may also provide financial support directly to asset managers securing distribution sites on behalf of TOL.   

Rolling Stock: TOL is utilizing its fleet of vehicles to pick-up and deliver to warehouse spaces in Fort Lauderdale. Due to the magnitude of the event TOL will need to add additional routes to ensure a steady stream of goods and resources to the island. TOL is seeking partners who will provide access to additional box trucks and trailers for use in responding to disaster events.. Partners may also provide financial support directly to Penske, Ryder or U-Haul on behalf of TOL.

Fuel: TOL is seeking partners who will provide access to fuel for aircraft and vehicles. Partners may also provide financial support directly to fuel providers on behalf of TOL.   

Direct Financial and Goods Donations
Food donations are greatly appreciated and direct financial contributions to the Tree of Life Food Bank are recommended for quick responses to arising needs.  TOL purchases bulk quantities of goods from distributors at an average of $0.13 per pound (averages $46 per pallet of food. Additional needs for your consideration are as follows:

Bottled water and canned foods,
Hygiene supplies and other comfort items,
Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers & formula,
Clean up supplies such as heavy duty garbage bags;
Transportation costs (trailers, fuel) and
Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled.
In times of disaster, the Tree of Life Food Bank serves as a distributor to hundreds of local food banks, places of worship, non-profit and disaster relief agencies.  When investing in the Tree of Life Food Bank you are investing in hundreds of great organizations who serve their community on a regular basis.

The Tree of Life Food Bank is a privately-funded non-profit, supported by volunteers (does not pay salaries) which means 100% of your donations are used to acquire and deploy resources where needed. TOL makes receipts of all purchases from its relief funds available to donors upon request. 

We truly thank you for your support.